Collection: Daisy Chain Retro Rings

Whether you consider this bringing back the 70s or the 90s is really up to you, but either way, these babies got a retro feel and they are SUPER DUPER CUTE! Additionally comfy, light weight and very durable. We wear them for all ocassions and they hold up well to hand washing, cleaning, crafting, animal pats, massages, hand shakes and all other kinds of handy work ; )

Materials: seed beads, elastic

 These all come in a variety of sizes. Check out the sizing chart to make your best assessment of what you need, and keep in mind these are stretchy and you are likely better to choose a little smaller than larger as the ring will stretch to fit. Small / Medium / Large are meant for adult sizing, with the 'kiddo' size referring to children between the age of about 5 and 8(little hands!). Kiddo sizing also gets a discount price because they're so...little. 

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