Hanging Cosmos

For reasons that this Gem Cadet barely understands, the earth spits out of its dirt intensely gorgeous rocks. We're calling this collection 'Hanging Cosmos' for its spherical wink at something resembling the planets. What better way to honor our spheres than by suspending them.

Astrological & Lunar Ritual Gifts

A rotating collection of gifts to reflect upcoming & current astrological seasons, and kits for paying homage to upcoming lunar cycles and full moons.

Art That Inspires You to Keep Looking Up

Welcome to Gem Cadet Art! Artwork is inspired by the Cosmos & the unique ephemera of Earth's resplendent gems and gifts. All pieces are one of a kind and handmade in Gem Cadet Studio.

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Car Charms! $19 & Under

Here at Gem Cadet, we care about solving real life problems. Like, how I get more rocks in my car? Fear not friends, we have you covered. Each Car Charm is imbued with the special qualities from the unique gems they hold. Keep them in your car for confidence, protection, or just general prettiness.