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Welcome to Gem Cadet Art! Artwork is inspired by the Cosmos & the unique ephemera of Earth's resplendent gems and gifts. All pieces are one of a kind and handmade in Gem Cadet Studio.

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Hanging Cosmos

10% of all Hanging Cosmos Gem Stone Hangers through July 31

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2 years ago this summer the Dobbs Decision reversed the-once-law-of-the-land Roe v Wade decision that protected access to life saving abortion and reproductive care across the United States.

The implications of the Dobbs Decision is likely to increase in ways that will do nothing but harm women and will in no ways protect unborn children.

In July of 2022 and 2023, Gem Cadet donated a percetange of all sales to and we are looking forward to keeping that tradition alive in 2024. And by looking forward, I mean with rage. I cannot believe I live in a country that renders its women choiceless at best, and potentially dead at worst.

I feel very lucky to live in one of the most progressive states in the land but want to do the part that I can to ensure that those less fortunate can still find the ways and means to get the care they need, so I will be donating 25% of all sales made through July 31 to

Thanks in advance for your support, ya'll are rad.