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Canvas Banner - Earth: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Canvas Banner - Earth: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

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Buckle up, folks! Our "Canvas Banner - Earth: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" is here to deliver a reality check. Brace yourself for some tough love, 'cause we've really messed things up for our precious planet. But fear not, this banner doubles as a cheeky apology and a rallying cry for change. Is it on us? Big Corporations? Lets talk about it.

Earth, we owe you a big fat "sorry." We've been a bunch of cosmic troublemakers, leaving our mark of chaos and confusion everywhere we go. From plastic pollution to reckless deforestation, we've really dropped the ball. 

But enough with the guilt trip. Let's transform our remorse into action. This banner is our battle cry, our way of saying, "Hey, Earth, we're ready to clean up our act!" Together, we can unleash a cosmic makeover, where nice things flourish, and our planet reclaims its glory. Hang it up proudly and let the conversations ignite. It's time to kick our lazy butts into gear and restore the balance. Earth deserves the nice things, damn it!

Note: This canvas banner delivers a dose of irreverent truth and serves as a reminder to take responsibility for our actions. It's time to turn the ship around, folks! Let's make Earth a place where nice things thrive, and our collective apologies are replaced by meaningful change.

 Sublimation print on canvas banner, printed in studio

12" long by 10.5" wide banner. Hung with black & white cord.



All pieces in the Hanging Cosmos Collection are a combination of crystals, stones, stone beads, metal hoops, wooden hoops, wooden beads, and macrame chord. Specifics differ from piece to piece and are listed in the description.

All pieces in the Painted Cosmos Collection are being sold as either Giclee Prints or one of kind paintings. Check description of each product for more info.

Shipping & Returns

Gem Cadet does not accept returns but if there is a problem with the order, please reach out to us directly. We believe in compromises and satisfied customers and are always welcome to feedback.

Shipping costs are calculated at check out.

All hanging Cosmos can be expected in 5 - 10 days of purchase. Paintings & prints may take 2 to 3 weeks after date of purchase.

Care Instructions

Love & adore it. Spend quality time around it. Otherwise, just be mindful to hang it where it cannot be reached by small children or animals. As a parent with a young child and 2 kittens, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to hang it high and away from tiny hands and paws. If a hanging Cosmo has a sun catcher on it, will catch sun shine and spit rainbows if placed in the right spot.

When removing a Hanging Cosmo from the box, be careful to make sure stone is sitting completely in the net or hoop of the hanging. Hold onto the stone part as you hang it and make sure it is in a safe position.

While handling a Painted Cosmo print, be mindful of finger prints. All paintings will live their best life framed and behind an archival glass covering. All paintings are finished with a Matte archival spray.

Some folks like to charge & cleanse crystals. Allowing your crystal to bask in the moonlight of a full moon imbues it and strengthens its inherent qualities. We occasionally cleanse our stones with palo santo smoke as well.

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