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Listen...collecting rocks is still very cool. 

 Here's the thing. I have been collecting rocks in one way or another for my entire life.  Did I know it would be like literally my whole personality as an adult? Not really but here we are. And here's a thing I need you to understand about why I like rocks so much. Believe it or not, it has a lot less to do with the metaphysical meaning of them than you would probably think. I include that kind of information with all my rocks for the same reason that pet stores include a write up of a kittens personality on the outside of their cage - because literally its just kind of a fun thing to do and if something about the personality of that rock or kitten or whatever sticks out to you as the thing you need right now, than maybe possessing that thing will help you channel it, or remind yourself to believe in it for yourself. Thats all. These rocks have personalities. They're fun. I don't know what else to tell you. 

 What I really REALLY love about rocks though - is that they are marvels. They are these incredible little gifts that the earth has created and churned over and has often applied enormous pressure to over many millions of years to just turn out to be these wonderful little gifts, literal actual gems.  A feat that is so absolutely baffling if you really think about it. And many of them just sit deep in the ground or along mountain sides or near volcanoes and sometimes under the ocean and in river beds and in many cases we will never ever know about them. And honestly, its just a splendor that I enjoy to look at... and to allow the pieces to be in my home just reminds me that there is magic within the universe and the planets and the cosmos and everything that is natural and beyond our control and that is so profound and awe inspiring. And that is why I like rocks. 

So here's a collection of some of what I can offer to you, fellow rock collector. I hope you enjoy. 

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